We have been doing SEO and especially link building campaigns on the Hungarian web for years. During these years we have gathered a number of SEO friendly Hungarian web directories — where one can submit links without payment or reciprocal links —, therefore we have the biggest and most up-to-date list of Hungarian web directories.

About Hungarian web directories

The value of directories in Hungary

Many SEO experts familiar with the English-language web would question the importance and the benefits of directory submissions, stating that although it was an effective method few years ago, submitting to many directories is a useless SEO practice nowadays. While this can be true for such saturated makets as the English or International web, but as the Hungarian internet in general lags a few years behind the International web, submitting to Hungarian directories is still a rather effective method of making to the Google Top 10 for Hungarian language queries. This is the reason why there are many quality directories, and the popularity of link directories are on the rise — efficiently helping your web site to achieve better results on Google.hu.

Peculiarities of the Hungarian web directories

There are two distinct groups of directories on the Hungarian web:

Hungarian clones of Startpagina

startlap.hu is basically started as a clone of startpagina.nl but later it evolved an even more popular and bigger conglomerate of one-page link collections than the original Dutch site.  lap.hu and a few other sites (which are practically copycats of lap.hu) have more thousand or more hundred one-page link collections, each specialized in a certain niche topic which corresponds to a specific keyword. This keyword is used in its subdomain: for instance http://allas.lap.hu/ lists links related to jobs, job boards, job agencies, etc. Every subdomain has its own editor, and the majority of these subdomains are maintained by third party editors, so you have to send a different link suggestion for all of these link collections. These directories are rather unique in certain ways, and this type of directories cannot be found on other markets (with a few exceptions like The Netherlands). It is a rather complex task to find every related link collection since your site can be potentially linked on 20-50 different lap.hu subdomains, but these collections are not so easy to be found. In spite of the difficulties, it is worth to make efforts to submit to these link collections since not only they offer the most valuable links for SEO but since their web traffic is quite high, they can send numerous direct visitors to your site.

Ordinary Hungarian link directories

The other group of Hungarian directories consists of ordinary web directories with similar concepts and functions you might have seen on other markets. Dealing with these directories is easier although also time consuming due to the high number of relevant directories. You “only” have to go through our list mentioned above and find the most appropriate category and submit your site.

Our directory submission process

First we discuss which are the most important keywords and expressions for you. Then we go on submitting to the directories at a submission rate of no more than 20-40 links per week (depending on the age of the site). This ensures that the site will not get banned or most likely there will be no drops in the results of the site.

The entire process takes approximately at least 2-3 months, and the results of our link marketing campaign can be generally seen in 3-4 months time. During the directory submission process we also create a handful of descriptions and combine them to unique texts so as not to submit links with the same descriptions and anchor texts to more directories. At the end of the link building we send you the list of directories we submitted your site to.

If you can share your web statistics with us then we can use it during the link building process: based on the results of the statistics, we change the anchor texts and the keyword usage so as to get the best results from the link building.

Since our link building campaigns cannot be successful if the web site we promote does not mach certain basic SEO criteria, as a free additional service we check the web site and make brief suggestions about the on-page optimisation issues of your web site.