We can translate your entire web site or just the most important parts of your web presence to Hungarian. In addition to translating your content to Hungarian we assure that the translation contains all the important keywords and expressions Hungarian users are usually searching for. Source languages include English, German, Spanish and Italian.

Translating your multilingual site to Hungarian

If your content management system is capable of handling multilingual content, we can translate your content to Hungarian using the tools offered by your CMS. Since we have experience with building web sites with various content management systems, using the admin interface of your web site will not mean a problem for us, therefore you will not have to spend extra efforts uploading the translated content, unlike if you are working with a tranditional translation agency.

Hungarian localisation of your web page

Many times translating the content itself will not be enough to provide a seamless experience for your Hungarian visitors, since parts of the templates used by your site or your CMS should be displayed in Hungarian too. As regular contributors to various open source software localisation projects, we have the necessary experience to deal with such problems.

Partial translation of your web site

If translating an entire web site is not really needed for your Hungarian web presence, we can create a stripped-down version of your full-fledged web site, highlighting the most important parts of your content, most important features of your services or introducing only those products which are targeted for the Hungarian market.

Search Engine Optimisation of the translated content

Since we are doing SEO projects for many years, everytime when we write something we continously keep in mind that the content should be concise and clear (or in many times colloquial) enough so that the content could draw the most visitors from search engines. You can read more about our on-site SEO services here.