If you are planning to display your Hungarian-language content on a separate domain name registered under the .hu ccTLD we can give you help in choosing the right domain name, and we can give you assistance during the domain registration.

Choosing the best available .hu domain

In case the desired Hungarian domain name is already in use, we can help you to find an other domain giving you more options just as registering a similar domain with accented letters or registering the domain name corresponding to your brand under an available secondary level public domain such as: co.hu, info.hu, etc.

If a character-by-character identical domain name with your brand or company name is not your primary concern, we can provide you with various domain name suggestions including keyword-rich variations which can be useful for later, during the search engine optimisation process.

Buying an already registered Hungarian domain name

If the desired domain name is already reserved but not used thus possibly or obviously is for sale, we can negotiate with the domain owner about the price of the desired .hu domain, without revealing the name of the buyer.

Helping you through the entire domain registration process

Although the .hu domain registration is quite straightforward, it has its own special rules generally not applied elsewhere. Although some information about the registration process is available in English, some Hungarian knowledge is necessary not only for choosing the best domain registrar but filling out the registration forms properly.  Since we have already registered quite a few .hu domains, we have the necessary experience to help you with the paperwork.