Managing Hungarian Search Engine Marketing campaigns

If you need quick results so you cannot wait for a few months until your site will get top rankings in Hungarian search engines, running contextual advertising campaigns can be a viable solution for increasing your web site traffic. Also if you have already done all the basic SEO tasks such as ordinary directory submissions and you rather invest in search engine marketing campaigns to further increase your visibility in search engines, setting up a Google AdWords or Etarget campaign might be the right solution.

Hungarian Google AdWords campaigns

We can help you during the whole process of setting up, running, monitoring, evaluating and refining your Google AdWords campaigns. We will find the best wording for your ad texts, the most effective niche keywords to precisely target your ad campaigns and we can help you to monitor conversions and integrate your search engine marketing with the organic SEO of your Hungarian site.

Contextual advertising with Etarget’s Hungarian network

In addition to managing Google Adwords campaigns, we can also manage your contextual ad campaigns on the other popular Hungarian contextual advertising network. Although you cannot advertise with Etarget in search engines, there are many popular Hungarian sites in its content network, therefore it might be worth considering this alternative advertising network.